7 Best New Songs Right Now: Latest Songs You Need To Hear

We Himalayan Headbangers are always so thirsty and eager to hunt the new banging song every week. We have picked up 7 tracks for this week, and it’s all crushing heavy and aggressive ones. These are our debut weekly best songs, which were released in the past month and past week.

We have featured tracks from alternative rock, stoner rock, hard rock, metalcore, hardcore, and heavy metal. You can stream to our Spotify playlist (every week new playlist) to bangs your head.


Ukraine progressive metallers Jinger head-spinning new song Vortex is super heavy, groovy, more melodic, and harmonious, singer Tatiana Shymayluk’s clean and very calm transition vocals along with the harsh and full-throated roar.

Likewise, the music video demonstrates “Vortex visual’s hold up a black mirror to current world events,” as the band states. The heavy Vortex debuted song is from the upcoming album Wallflowers will be out on August 27, 2021.


Trivium’s debut track and video feature the epic intro composed and orchestrated by the Norwegian black metal legends Ihsahn (Emperor). Their latest effort is a super heavy, cool progressive one, and structure that incorporates some progressive section. On the other hand, this track is full of groovy and aggressive drums. Matt Heafy’s clean vocal and riff reminds you a little bit of old-school thrash metal and modern metalcore sounds.

In addition, their song isn’t just heavy although there is a catchy chorus plus a cool cinematic video.


Iron Maiden’s new original material The Writing On The Wall since 2015’s The Book of Souls, the song kicks in with the acoustic intro full of insane melodic approaches, this melody reminds you a little bit of their 1990’s Mother Russia from the album, No Prayer for the Dying.

In addition, this song has some kind of catchy motorcycle riffs, with amazing clean vocals off Bruce Dickinson.


Welsh heavy metallers Bullet For My Valentine premiered the debuted single “Knives” video on July 18, 2021, via YouTube. Their killer debut single was not just heavy, singer Matt’s darker tone screams were so perfect, the track delivers the elements of super heaviness to their original root, and along with amazing riffs and aggressive drums.

Last week, the band has offered up a new single “Parasite”, this track is mixed up off both thrash and metalcore sounds, as well as clean vocals to insane Matt’s aggressive screams vocals.


Nepalese rock giant Albatross is all set to unveil their upcoming album Raat Ko Rani anytime near future. The band has previously released a few tracks from the awaited album. The veteran rockers released their new single Suchana! Suchana!! Suchana!!! on May 21, 2021, along with visuals via YouTube.

The single offering kicks off with drum and amazing shredding guitar, with insane vocals and high screams. As well as this music is a little melodic approach and some sort of dramatic tones with heavy shredding solos than previous ones.


The Indonesian underground music scene has always blown up us, IGMO based in Kediri, IGMO delivers smooth tunes to hard-rocking tunes.

“Peace of Night” talks about the coffee-time talks and their romance. Having some coffee at night while hanging out with friends is always a stress reliever from daily routines and work. Or, “A little sweet escape,” said the band.

Musically, its slower, more sentimental tune set some “cooling down” vibes. Especially after the release of two previously hard-hitting singles, “Head On Fire” and “Awesome”. Pradio, the vocal guitarist and its writer, said that some southern rock songs from the 70s directly inspired him.


Nepalese 3 pieces stoner rockers Shree 3 released a five-and-a-half-minute lyric video Kings of Horns, from the upcoming album “Existence in Uncertainty”. “Kings of Horns” includes plenty of soft guitar solos mixed up with a little bit of dramatic tune, some sort of heavy drums, and groovy riff with harsh bass sound with clean raw, and dirty vocals.

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