Brutal Death Metal Act VISCRAL Unveils New Album “Entrance Into Terrifying Imagery”

Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia-based brutal death metallers Viscral have unveiled their most awaited second album, Entrance Into Terrifying Imagery. You can stream their new album via Bandcamp here.

Their latest new album is the first original music since their debut album, “Egocentric Underneath of Horror” was released in late 2015. Initially, the band accomplished recording the new record in 2019 and intentioned to offered-up the new album in the same year however it was push back as a result of an ongoing global pandemic.

Along with Indonesian death metal giant Deadsquad, Viscral had hit the road in the 4 different countries, including Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Netherland in 2019 whereas their latest album’s tour got postponed.

Viscral frontman states about the new album, “The album are more seriously honed than our debut,” and he added, “More groovy and more heavy so that death metal fans throughout the world release this album as a worth anticipating ones. But still, we kept Viscral’s peculiar elements to it.”

Talking about their new album, it kicks off with the intro off title track “Entrance Into Terrifying Imagery”, and followed by the 8 tracks with the heavy riff, blends of modern death metal, and addition of death growl.

Here is the album track list:

  1. Entrance Into Terrifying Imagery
  2. Impulses to Kill
  3. Decorticated the Imperfect
  4. Compulsive Ingenuity
  5. The Catacombs
  6. Eradicate the Perennial Threat
  7. Transcending Idolarity
  8. Stubborn
  9. Absorbed to Oblivion

Listen their new album below via bandcamp.

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