IGMO, The Indonesian Heavy-Rockers Release New Single “Head on Fire”

IGMO has released its latest single, “Head on Fire”, the fourth single of theirs so far, it’s available on various digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, JOOX, Apple Music, etc. You can watch the lyric visual below.

Their latest single “Head on Fire” written by all four members, depicts a story about the conflict between workers & owners. A “rebellion”, initiated by the former caused by the gap between the wages & responsibility. “Well, the protest is not always like a ‘heavy’, explicit one (like a demonstration, etc.). But rather, a ‘softer’ approach like tricking the system for their own good & anything in between,” said Pradio, the frontman.

From left to right IGMO- Image by Manaditara/Press Release

This fiery, hard-rocking tune was recorded in Vamos31 Recording Studio, Malang. Yasa Wijaya was responsible for engineering, mixing, and mastering the track.

Moving to the visual side, the artwork of “Head on Fire” was produced by Pucatpena. He is a visual artist from Malang that has worked with many bands, both inside & outside Indonesia. Some examples are the releases of Frontxside, Tamra, Matiasu (Indonesia), to The Galactoids (USA) & Con (Australia).

As previously stated, this track is released with an accompanying music video (MV) by Luapotalapo & Memorizm, two independent production houses based in Kediri, Indonesia. It is produced by Rinaldo Azhar & directed by Manaditara; Hammamnash; & Naufal Taufiqul. Support also comes from Kediri’s brands such as Wise Footwear Kediri, Mame Meteke, Psychosis, Balky Goods, and Gerdu Laot.

IGMO itself is a rock-goers coming from Kediri, Indonesia. Composed of Pradio MP (lead vocalist, guitarist), Iga Dahana (guitarist), Anggra (bassist), & Ilham Bintang (drummer), they plan to release its first album titled Take It Over in 2021.

Watch the IGMO’s latest lyric video “Head on Fire”, below:

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