KINGS OF LEON Generates $2Million From NFT Album Sales

The Grammy-winning rock band Kings of Leon have generated over $2million from the recent latest album “When You See Yourself”, which was out last week (March 5) via the blockchain technology company Yellow Heart.

Kings of Leon’s new album is one of the first albums to be released as a non-fungible token. NFTs serve as a cryptographic way to buy and sell digital art and media, and they also eliminate digital piracy.

The bands have scored Number 1 on this week’s official album chart with When You See Yourself in the UK since 2007’s ‘Because Of The Times. When You See Yourself is the best-selling album this week including CD, digital download, VINYL, and with 65% of sales from physical formats.

In addition, they have donated over $500,000 to Live Nation’s Crew Nation fund to support live music crews during the coronavirus pandemic.

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