NEPCALI Announces To Release Their Debut Self-Titled Album On April 1st

Long Beach, California-based Nepali rockers Nepcali have officially announced their debut album. The four pieces rock band’s debut self-titled album is arriving on April 1st.

NepCali strikes out on their own in their debut track “American Greed” last November, which was pretty impressive with a synthesis of a new blend of rock with the fusion of Nepali style and California.

Their forthcoming self-titled record is the first album of original music in six years of making, the band said to Himalayan Headbangers. The full-length album would consist of 10 tracks, even though the band had already offered up a few tracks from the album.

“The debut full-length LP is very versatile and has different styles,” NepCali commented to us. “It also includes a couple of Nepali songs for their Nepali fans as well. They’ve been actively playing since 2015 and got many more rocking music on the way.”

In addition, you will be able to pre-order their album 2 weeks prior.

Check out their latest single “Kanchi” below.

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