Rock Giant ALBATROSS’ Shares Music Video For “Suchana! Suchana!! Suchana!!!”

Rock giant Albatross have shared a music video for their latest single entitled “Suchana! Suchana!! Suchana!!!”, from Raat Ko Rani’s upcoming album. You can watch the full visual below.

A few weeks ago Albatross released their anticipated single audio via Noodle. Alternatively, this single was just available for a specific buyer, now it’s available with visual without any cost on free major music streaming platforms including YouTube. The band has been teasing their short clips of the new video for a few last weeks via various social media platforms.

Undoubtedly, their brand new single plays a vital role in a humanitarian crisis in Nepal because they have declared to donates all the proceeds from the latest single to a non-profit community organization, Hami Nepal. Albatross has launched a fundraising program to assist the right cause of covid-19 victims through their latest music.

Likewise, they have extended this program to few short weeks, hence you can also be a part of this fundraiser initiative to fight against viruses by simply buying the latest single via Noodle. And all the proceeds will be directly going to covid-19 victims.

Hami Nepal is a non-profit community organization, who has been actively volunteering to covid-19 patients in Nepal. Lately, they had imported 520 cylinders from China and supplied them to the required sources. As a result of the ongoing second wave covid-19 Indian variant in Nepal, we have been experiencing a shortage of oxygen and cylinders, insufficient medicals wards, ICUs, and losing many lives. In this devastating time, Hami Nepal has played a very significant role by providing cylinders and saving many lives.

In addition, Hami Nepal have stated that they were supposed to bring 540 cylinders however it was preceded because of some technical issue. And they have declared that the remaining cylinders will arrive on the next flights.

Recent received cylinders have been distributed to a following required sources:

  • Armed Police Force (APF): 100 Cylinders
  • Doti District: 50 Cylinders
  • Far Western Nepal: 270 Cylinders
  • Karnali District: 100 Cylinders

Musically, “Suchana! Suchana!! Suchana!!!” kicks off with drum, adjoining of bass lines, and shredding guitar solos, with captivating vocals and high note screams. As we can experience this music is a little melodic approach and some sort of dramatic tones with heavy shredding solos than previously released singles. Their singer’s switching ability from soulful vocals to screaming is one of the band’s biggest strengths.

Equally the cinematic visual demonstrates the diminishing of humankind in modern society and being cruel and cruel by the day. Likewise, it showcases animal abuse and brutality, and substance abuse in children. Lastly, it also highlights the frustration of seeing all this lost humanity and taking no action at all.

Watch the full video below:

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