SERJ TANKIAN Drops New Music Video For “Electric Yerevan”, Solo EP Is Out Now

System of A Down frontman Serj Tankian have released his long-awaited solo EP “Elasticity”, ahead of the new EP he have offered-up the new music video for the single track “Electric Yerevan”. You can order here.

Serj Tankian had originally written a couple of songs for a new SOAD album, but he stated that SOAD were unable to see eye-to-eye on continuing the future recording of System, except for, their latest two new songs in 15 years [ “Protect the Land” and “Geneocidal Humanoidz” which were recent released in November].

Last year December he revealed off his upcoming solo EP, where Tankian appeared in an interview with Rolling Stone. His latest single track “Electric Yerevan” followed-up on his debut title track “Elasticity”. The five-song EP is Tankian’s first solo music material since 2013 Orca.

Ahead of the new song “Electric Yerevan”, singer Tankian stated that “The song was inspired by the successful Electric Yerevan protests in Armenia in the summer of 2015 where people protested against proposed hikes in utility prices. My writing from that time is inscribed word for word in the song.”

Meanwhile, singer Tankian has already revealed another new EP, on behalf of the entire new EP, he explained it as “a different genre of rock, more electronic and mellow and beautiful.”

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