SPIRITBOX Release New Song “Hurt You”

Spiritbox has shared a new single “Hurt You” from the upcoming album. Pre-orders here.

Their latest offer single is from the upcoming debut LP entitled “Eternal Blue”, which will be out on 17th September via Rise Records. In their debut album, there will be featuring a guest appearance of guitarist Sam Carter from Architects.

The second track “Hurt You” delivers a nu-metal sound and progressive one. Spiritbox singer’s Courtney LaPlate vocal is so brutal with harsh sound and insane clean vocals.

Eternal Blue album tracklisting:

  1. Sun Killer
  2. Hurt You
  3. Yellowjacket feat. Sam Carter
  4. The Summit
  5. Secret GArden
  6. Kilk In The Striings
  7. Holy Roller
  8. Eternal Blue
  9. We Live In A Strange World
  10. Halcyon
  11. Circle With Me
  12. Constance

Watch their horror theme captivating video for “Hurt You” below.

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