TSHUNYA, An Experimental/Rock Band Released Third Single “Magadh”

Tshunya, an experimental/art-rock band all the way from the US just released the third single ” Magadh “. The band Tshunya is a US Nepali band formed in late 2019 and the band’s Guitarist Diwas Bhattarai and frontman Suyash Rijal are living in the United States and bassist Rohan Pradhan is currently in Nepal.

Although, defining a specific genre is very difficult for them. Simply, Tshunya means zero or nothing in the Nepali language. 

And we had a short conversation with Bassman Rohan Pradhan and he Shares that: ” we start with tshunya as well as end with one. Travel with our songs where we explore various shades of human in this journey of nothing to nothing. And while having a short chit chat I was curious that what the word ” Magadh ” really means because it’s a new word to me and the Nepali audience.

so, that to clarify I openly asked him what the Magadh means and he replies to me in a very significant way in the Nepali language to make me clarified :

” गीतको शिर्षक ‘मगध’ ऐतिहासिक साम्राज्य थियो जुन हालको बिहारमा पर्छ । उक्त कालखण्डका क्रुर  सम्राट – नंदवंशी धननंद लाई पद्च्युत गरी न्याय को शाशन  स्थापना गर्ने कुटनितिक रचनाकार र  रणनिती का सर्जक  थिए माहाज्ञानी 

चणक पुत्र चाणक्य जो जन्मको आधारमा केवल एक निरिह ब्राह्मण थिए तर कर्मले नंदवीनाशक ज्वलामुखी कौटिल्य । 

गीतमा कुटिल चाणक्य , बहादुर भक्ती थापा  अनी एपोक्यालिप्टो चलचित्रका नायक  जगुअर प सबै योद्धाका बिम्ब  हुन तथा नेपाल भेध्न खोज्ने निरन्कुश इष्टईन्डिया कम्पनी , 

माया सभ्यता भेद्ने विस्तार्वादी  स्पेनिश साम्रज्य र नंदको तानाशाही मगध सबै अत्याचारी शासनका उदाहरण हुन ।तशर्थ अत्याचार को भेद  योद्धाको  निर्माण हो ।  ईतिहास को  ज्वाला  क्रान्ति  को  गर्भमा  हुर्किरहेको  छ । ” 

The band members are friends from University, they studied in Louisiana, the USA, and started playing since University time but it has been only  1 year called them officially as ” Tshunya “. The band shares common influences in music such as Opeth, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Steven Wilson, Radiohead, etc. The bands work individually from their homes where they have a moderate room studio. And the work of mixing and mastering is done by Mr. Saurav Tamrakar from the Finland-based band Defiant.

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