VOID TO EXIST Release Debut Single ‘Reality Illusion’

“Our lyrics are aggressively charged with general references to systems and rotten politics and free will, We exist in a void, come to exist with us.” says the band to Himalayan Headangers about their lyrical theme.

Void To Exist is a newly formed hardcore band from Patan near to the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal. A five pieces young energetic guys established the band in late September 22, 2019. “All five have a keen ear for heavy breakdowns and pieces that make listeners lose their shit, and to be honest, that is what we aim for.” added by the band.

The band kickoff to hardcore journey within an intension to play some hardcore stuff and later on, inspect the other guys to join them: this is the exact story about how they started the band. The band has just released their debut ‘Reality illusion‘ via Audio Advent. Talking about their debut single it depicts: “The delusional reality that we are made to believe, how we are made to follow instead to learn, and human domination affecting other living organisms.”

Besides Void To Exist is mainly influenced by Clench Your fist, Jugga, Regulate, Neck Deep In Filth, Malevolence, Strangle, etc. The band member features Sid Shakya on vocals, Raul Jung Thapa and Suraj Sharma on Guitar, Sanish Kumar Shakya on Bass, and Saurav Gautam on Drum.

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