VOIDED TURNED TO MESSAGE Unveil “मित्रता” Video, Release Debut EP

Eastern Nepal’s metallic hardcore act “Void Turned To Message” has unveiled its debut video “Mitrata” off their debut full-length EP, Bidroha Ko Biu. The band’s latest debut is full of heavy riffs, extreme vocals, and amazing slapping bass intros and aggressive drum feels.

It’s not a surprise to have breathtaking brutal music, if you dig out our inadequate Nepalese underground metal scene seriously, you will perceive a different sub-genres metal act. As we have already had a heavy-volume band like Ugra Karma, Antim Grahan, Binaash, Chepang, etc., where they have been blown up our underground scene totally to a whole international level. Now, another belief beyond the hardcore band is here to blow up your mind.

“VTTM is just a simple hardcore band with no big expectation at all, and what they all need is a small positive change. The band is all about the change which we need in this 21st century as people are being so much cruel to each other and negative. Support us cause you actually care about changing things rather than just acting as you do. We are stronger as a movement together.”

After the release of a heavy debut music video, the band released its debut E.P. “Bidroha Ko Biu” physically (CD), which dwells with the epic 5 stunning tracks following the latest debut, Mitrata.

In addition, the band added: “We tried to illustrate our personal lifestyle which we pass through in our daily life. Everything we wrote in this Ep is all about the incident that happened in our life, the current situation of a society or community, and also to change the negative perspective of people into a positive.”

This EP is all about personal struggles, mental health issues, modern-day slavery, rights of an individual against discrimination based on race.”

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