Watch CHEPANG Grinding At Silence Festival VIII

Nepali grindcore act, Chepang is a New York-based band formed in 2016. Chepang is Surya Pun aka Himalayan Leopard, Sanket Lama aka Bhotey Gore, Kshitiz Moktan aka Captain Bhudey/ Tone Lord, Dipesh Hirachan aka Mountain God, and Gobinda Sen aka Hammer. The band classifies their music as “Immi-grindcore”, as their songs sketch the issues relevant to oppression and class warfare.

They have already released an EP called ‘Lathi Charge’ in 2016, a demo called ‘1 Love’ in 2017, 2 Full- length albums called ‘Dadhelo- A Tale of Wildfire’ and ‘Chatta’ in 2017 & 2018 respectively, a 2-way split album along with Test in 2018 and a live album ‘Live at Rock N Roll Gas Station’ in 2020. They have also performed on various metal feasts, such as Maryland Death Feast 2017, Obscene Extreme Feast 2018, etc.

Recently on may, 23, 2020 Chepang released its masterpiece new record ‘Chatta’ digitally. The latest excessive released record subsists of 17 tracks and four of them are remixes. A new record is exclusively raw, loud, and fast with excessive screeching guitars, loud drums, and stunning screaming/growl vocals.

They have also raised funds via Bandcamp and donated a total amount of $650 to two non-profit organizations. Within a week their latest record Chatta was sold out. Chepang extreme grindcore rockers contributed all raised funds to help their local community i.e. Brooklyn Community Bail Fund and BlinkNow Foundation.

Yesterday (22nd July 2020) on a YouTube channel named ‘Banana X-Press’ released their full set live performance at Silence Festival VIII.

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