AROGYA Release Video For New Single “Dust”

Assam, India Synth rockers Arogya have offered-up the second single title “Dust”, the newest video track from the upcoming album “Genesis”. Their awaited album “Genesis” will be out on April 23rd worldwide via Out Of Line Music record label.

Their latest single marks the second track from the new album, which follow-up to the previously released debut track “Broken”. Arogya is the first-ever Indian band to be signed to German-based record label Out Of Line Music.

“Dust is about betrayal from someone you love and trust, who destroys what you believe in,” stated Arogya. “Its concept is applicable for how Satan leads and deceives an innocent soul, for treachery and lies in a relationship, betrayal between friends, deceit, and broken ties between family. It tells of how fake humans can be to one another (represented as mannequins in the video) and what you see of the human character can be fake painted on the outside, the real hidden on the inside. It is about how one’s love, trust & faith can be turned to dust.”

Arogya’s upcoming album “Genesis” tracklist:

  1. Sky Afar
  2. Broken
  3. Dust
  4. Lonely Night Descends
  5. Dark World
  6. Misery’s Lair
  7. Charade
  8. Lies
  9. Break Free
  10. Throne

Watch the latest Arogya’s video for “Broken” below.

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