AROGYA’s Brand New Single “Broken” Is Out Now, Sign With OUT OF LINE Record Label

Arogya have just released their brand new single music video for “Broken”, recently Synth rock band signed with ‘Out Of Line’ record label based in Germany – you can check out the clip below.

Earlier this week, the band teased the song as the latest debut single of 2021 via various social media platforms. Arogya officially revealed about their upcoming album GENESIS, which will be produced by Chris Harms, and is expected to come out in April.

Produced by the gothic frontman of Lord Of The Lost Fame’s Chris Harms, the ‘Broken’ video mixes footage of the Arogya performing the track with cinematic shots of a young man searching for his lover, and after all, he gave up all hope and suddenly some revelation dragged him again to his lover.

You can watch Arogya’s video for “Broken” below.

The band shared some words on teaser ‘Broken’ last week, they stated, “AROGYA is both thrilled & excited to announce we are the first-ever Dark Synth Rock band from India to sign with International Record label Label Out Of Line from Germany!!”

They continue, “It’s a key milestone in our journey and a great honor to join OUT OF LINE MUSIC, a rock & heavy metal label, among artists like Novelist, Balance Breach & More Subita. Our album GENESIS produced by Chris Harms, from Lord Of The Lost Fame will be officially launched by OOL in April.”

In addition, in the band’s latest music video there is no featured bass player, “Here we go, check out folks our new official music video, but unfortunately, I was unable to go for the shoot because of this pandemic.” wrote Arogya’s bass player Bipal Bagdas.

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