BURGERKILL Co-Founder And Guitarist EBEN Passes Away

Indonesian metal giant Burgerkill co-founder and guitarist Aries Tanto (Eben) has died on Friday ( Sep. 03) in West Java, Indonesia.

News of Eben’s death was confirmed by the former drummer Abah Andris of Burgerkill. As some media source, it was stated that Eben fainted when he was playing a gig. Recently, the guitarist Eben and his band were filming a virtual music concert.

In 2019, Burgerkill was a co-headliner of Nepal’s loudest music festival, Silence Festival. Along with the thrash legends Testament as a headliner.

Burgerkill official Instagram posted a black image and released a statement: “Un, has gone to leave us all Mr. Aries Tanto a.k.a Eben Burgerkill, today September 3, 2021, at 16:56. The late passed away peacefully in Bandung. On behalf of late, family, and big Burgerkill family we sincerely apologize if there was a mistake of the late during his life. We also ask for prayers that the late is accepted by faith, Islam, and his good deeds in the side of Allah SWT, as well as all left behind given patience and sincerity. Amen Yaa rabbal Amen.”

In addition, Eben died while on the way to the hospital, and according to suara.com, he passed away due to a heart attack.

Rest in peace Eben. Our condolence to Eben’s family and loved ones.

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