CHAKACHAK ‘Gatibidhi’ Hits 200+k Views On YouTube

Chakachak, a Nepalese nu-metal rap-based hard-rock band’s newly unleashed ”Gatibidhi” single video has picked up 209k views on YouTube. The band has become one of the most politically charged acts to ever hit the stage, their song both lyrically and musically makes a prodigious impact on the anti-establishment of metal and rock songs.

Seeing legendary rock bands such as “Robin and The New Revolution” and later on “The Shadows Nepal” incorporation of anti-establishment themes into combustible compositions. Chakachak brutally charges against social issues, incompetent political leaders, and their dishonesty.

The band launched its debut album in 2019, their latest single released video ”Gatibidhi’ featuring Chirag Khadka aka ”5:55” mark the new record by hitting 209k views within less than a month. Their latest single released ”Gatibidhi” successfully plugged them into another height of success.

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