DEFIANT Anticipates ‘Kill Your Idols’, New Single Is Out

Helsinki, Finland based 4-piece Wanderer XVX Hardcore band “Defiant”, have released a long-anticipated debut single ‘Kill Your Idols’ from their forthcoming album “Kill Your Idols”. You can watch and pre-order the album below.

In the debut single the band synthesis with the 10-second intro off seven-line prayers to second Buddha ‘Padmasambhava’ (Guru Rinpoche). As indicated by Buddhism tradition, Guru Rinpoche was conceived as an eight-year-old kid in a lotus bloom in the realm of Oddiyana — presently the Swat Valley in Pakistan.

We are so blown-up by the singer’s death growl vocals, such as blending peace intro with horror vibes visuals, aggressive drums, and bass with ripping heavy-weight riffs.

In January 2, Defiant released a statement regarding the forthcoming album “Kill Your Idols”, which is due out on 29th January via Bound By Modern Age Records. Earlier few past weeks, the band had been teasing clips of new music and visuals on various social media platforms, now the awaited single music material is out.

(Image credit: Defiant)

In addition, the band has unveiled their new merchandise including pre-order CD/Cassettes. Click here for merchandise and CD/Cassettes.

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