FRAUD Release Brand New Music Video Entitled “The Prophecy” Via Blackandje Records

Indonesian Hardcore/Metal Band  Fraud released the brand new music  “The Prophecy”. The band earlier released its two widely favored full-lengths albums “No Fans Just Friend’ and “Movement Before Mouthment”. Fraud, a hardcore/metal legion from the city of Heroes are preparing their return to the warzone through their third album. Under the banner of Blackandje Records, they would later brand their new album as The Prophecy. However, before launching the full version, Fraud will mark their turning points through a new music video under the same title.

The Prophecy is one of the fragments from the audio-visual terror they are currently forging. Later, the music videos will be directed and arranged into a trilogy. In collaboration with Alexa Visual, Fraud will present a cinematic video with a thriller nuance. The main idea of the clip is the story of a child who refused and dreamed to break the chain of lunatic rites which has been passed down from generation by his family. Later, the child will encounter two choices; he either has to involve himself in the dark dynasty of his blood ties or opt for the lonely path to escape the curse cast by his kin. The grudge is compressed in the gory visual of the video.

Making a music video trilogy is an experience as well as a new challenge for Fraud. They are trying to break the boundaries by carrying out extreme experiments. The bet for their third album does not stop at musical matters. Instead, Fraud also tested their poetic skill by compressing the narratives built in the repertoire of their third album via music videos.

This is new to us, and at the same time, this also challenges us as to whether or not we can experiment and offer something fresh besides music. After this, the second sequel will also be released in the near future. After the pandemic comes to an end, we are ready to go back into the craze, said Kecenk, frontman of Fraud.

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