Indonesian Hardcore Band FRAUD Is All Set To Unleash New Album

Fraud, a hardcore/metal legion from the city of Heroes is all set to unleash an awaited third album titled ‘Sanctuary’ via Blackandje Records. The hardcore band officially announced the date of the anticipated album i.e. on coming August 31st. Recently on 18th May, the band has released a single heavy video ‘The Prophecy’ via Blackandje Records.

The Prophecy is all the story of a child who refused and dreamed to break the chain of lunatic rites which has been passed down from generation by his family. Later, the child will encounter two choices; he either has to involve himself in the dark dynasty of his blood ties or opt for the lonely path to escape the curse cast by his kin.

Fraud has been involved in Indonesian music warfare since 2010. In the course of a decade, the hardcore/metal battalion from Surabaya has produced two albums: No Fans Just Friend and Movement Before Mouthment. This November, with Bayu Hastutama (vocals), Kecenk (Guitar), Soullamb (Bass), and Rama Nada (Drum), the band will launch a brand- new album which they baptized with the title Sanctuary.

Under the banner of BlackandJe Records, Fraud’s third album will be released on August 31, 2020. The album’s release is planned to serve as a celebration of their decade-long journey. In its new album, Fraud tries to experiment with the creative process of songwriting. Sanctuary was recorded in two different studios in order to achieve the perfect sound quality. Inferno Studio (Surabaya) and Fun House Studio (Bandung) took part in the recording process of the groundbreaking album.

Compared to the two previous albums, the music composition Sanctuary is more metallic. The thrashy guitar riff crossfires with the explosive drumbeat of their new drummer, Rama Nada. Moreover, the loud roar of Bayu Hastutama’s hoarse voice darkens the mood of Sanctuary in contrast to the previous albums. Apart from that, Fraud also experimented with the lyrics. When the verses are put together, each fragment contained in each of their repertoires will form a story related to a myth that is gradually forgotten by the ages. One of them is compressed in their first video clip, entitled The Prophecy.

Album Cover

Here is the tracklist and the total duration time are 31:13.

  1. Valley of Fire
  2. Live with The Pain
  3. Resentment
  4. Tell the Truth
  5. The World Cursing Me
  6. Kontra Martir
  7. The Prophecy
  8. Warfare
  9. Words of Wisdom
  10. Kultur Dogmatis

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