Indonesian Hardcore Bands HUMANIMAL And OUTRAGE Announces Split Album

Hardcore Heavy Hitters Outrage and Humanimal officially announced to release Split Album, Humanrange, and music video for the title track.

The hardcore metallers split album is planned to be offered on CD and on music streaming platforms by mid-March. The album entitled “Humanrage” would consist of 9 tracks, with each band contributing 4 songs each and a collaboration between the two on the title track “Humanrage”.

Their physical release of the album is done collaboratively by six independent record labels; Trueside, Set The Fire, Rise and Grind, Nuct, Samstrong, and Smartest Bomb respectively.

The title track music video ‘Humanrage’ will premier on the 1st of March 2021 on Feeling This TV’s Youtube Channel and promises to feature the likes of Straight Answer’s Aca, Tuan Tigabelas, Erick of Blakumuh, Jaydawn of Eyefeelsix, Michael Kalcer and many more guest cameos.

In addition, here is the back story of them, you can read below.

Humanimal and Outrage have toured together on several occasions in 2019. It was apparent that both bands share the same passion for Hardcore, Heavy Metal, and 90’s Hip Hop and had planned a split album as their next release.

The plan was met with many challenges imposed by the COVID 19 restrictions as workplaces including rehearsal and recording studios were forced to close. Instead of focusing on what can’t be done, the bands focused only on what can be done.

Outrage found themselves recording their material in strange places. The guitars were recorded at an empty community shelter, the bass was tracked in a closed office space, vocals were done in the basement at a friend’s house and revisions to said vocals were tracked in a car in an office parking lot. Humanimal recorded their material at Apache studios in Bekasi.

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