Indonesian Modern Ska Punk, BREAD ESSENCE Releases Music Video Titled “DOUBLE FACE”

Bread Essence, a Modern Ska (Skapunk) adherent from the city of Malang, has launched their newest single entitled “Double Face”.

“Double Face” was shaded by RLKZCORD who also labeled their first album, “Sublimate Differences”.

Initially this single was released, in the compilation album “Pick it Up” with several bands from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore initiated by MLG SKA & Bandung Ska Foundation, and also released by RLKZCORD on 22 December 2020 with the release of a ribbon cassette.

Bread Essence continued to pack “Double Face” in the video clip format, which was produced on December 26, 2020.

Bread Essence tries to get out of the comfortable zone of Ska’s music grip. Changing the view of ska music with a slow tempo and no distortion, Bread Essence also proves that the development of music is real and natural. The color of the music on the Double Face song feels a little different from the track song on the Sublimate Differences album, Not only fast and meeting beats like the previous songs, this time Bread Essence combines several tempo changes, Vocal Rap, as well as a combination of Bread Essence lyrics with lyrics The rap written by Lucky “Youngster City Rockers” is combined with the music style Bread Essence.

“This is indeed intentional, an exploration of Bread Essence’s music, and we also present a new concoction to every appreciator,” said Afif about the beat tempo in the song “Double Face”. Song lyrics are written predominantly in English, it is not surprising if Bread Essence uses English on their newest single, on the album “Sublimate Differences” some of their songs are in English.

“As the title suggests, this song tells a person who has a two-faced character, a hypocrite, who becomes the culprit who causes speech to knit the problems around him,” said Rio about the contents of the Double Face lyrics.

The band concluded, “This video clip was worked on with the latest formation, the departure of Dion in the rhythm guitar position, and Liling’s entry in the violin position shifting the previous Bread formation, Afif took over the rhythm guitar position to replace Dion.”

In addition, the band added, ” Our hope is that after releasing this single, there will be a positive impact on appreciators as well as a trigger for musician friends to work.”

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