JINJER Release Title Track, “Wallflowers” Album Is Out Now

Jinjer has released a new single “Wallflower”, a title track from the new album. Their most anticipated metal album of the year, Wallflowers is out now via Napalm Records.

Their new title track offers slow tempos to heavy music which kicks off with amazing bass tapping and Tatiana’s clean vocals and her growls. And we can see the Jazz progression in metal that is another insane approach in this track.

Directed by Bazil Perevrzev accompanying cinematic music video presents the bands and impressive acts of singer Tatiana Shmayluk. “We feel like it shows a very different side of Jinger -lyrically, sonically, and visually,” Jinjer stated about the third single, Wallflower.

Here’s the tracklisting for Wallflowers:

  1. Call Me a Symbol
  2. Colossus
  3. Vortex
  4. Disclosure!
  5. Copycat
  6. Pearls ans Swine
  7. Sleep of the Righteous
  8. Wallflower
  9. Dead Hands Feel No Pain
  10. As I Boil Ice
  11. Mediator

Wallflowers is available here in different formats, click here.

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