KINGS OF LEON’ Announce New Album ‘When You See Yourself’, Release Two New Songs

Kings Of Leon is back after five years with their release of two new songs, since the band’s 2016’s studio recordings Walls. Check them out below.

The new two songs “The Bandit” and “100,000 people” are the first offerings from the Kings Of Leon’s forthcoming album When You See Yourself. The band’s awaited eighth studio album will be coming on March 5 via RCA.

Earlier the past few weeks the band and bassist Jared Followill had been teasing new music, posting clips of songs to different social media accounts. Back in March, they unveiled a live recorded acoustic song Going Nowhere, just a feature of lead singer Caleb Followill.

In addition, recently the band have unveiled their new merchandise on their website, and you can pre-order their new LP.

Kings Of Leon’ ‘When You See Yourself’ Track List

  1. “When You See Yourself, Are You Far Away”
  2. “The Bandit”
  3. “100,000 People”
  4. “Stormy Weather”
  5. ” A wave”
  6. “Golden Restless Age”
  7. “Time in Disguise”
  8. “Supermarket”
  9. “Claire & Eddie”
  10. “Echoing”
  11. “Fairytale”

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