KINGS OF LEON Tease Another New Song, “Dancing In Your Head”

Last weekend Kings Of Leon’s bassist shared a teaser of “Must Catch The Bandit”, off their upcoming new song via Twitter. Now, they’ve shared another teaser of a new song titled ‘Dancing in Your Head’ through Instagram.

The band has previously shared two teasers of their new song i.e. ‘Must Catch The Bandit’ and ‘Feel The Way You Do’. These two teaser previewed will make an appearance next week on January 7.

Since 2016’s last album “Walls”, the band’s seventh studio album they haven’t released any official music material. Although in the previous year’s March they unveiled a live recorded acoustic song called “Going Nowhere”, and it was just a featured only singer Caleb Followill.

In addition, there is no official announcement of a release date for the newest song ‘Dancing in Your Head’.

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