KINGS OF LEON Tease New Song “Must Catch The Bandit”; After Four Years

The Grammy-winning rock band’s Kings Of Leon, bassist Jared Followill have teased new music of them via Twitter, yesterday. It looks like the band is to release a new song, titled “Must Catch The Bandit”.

Since, 2016 the band’s seventh studio album ‘Walls”, Kings Of Leon hasn’t released any new music. Yesterday, the band’s bassist share clips of new music material after four years.

While teasing new music, he states that “Blame it on the holiday ‘cheer’, but I just feel like sharing. Kings Of Leon tweeted “the w8 is nearly over “TEN MONTHS ago. Enough, If you were promised new Kings music in 2 weeks. would you forgive us? Could you?”

In March the band unveiled a live recorded acoustic song called “Going Nowhere”, and it was just a featured only singer Caleb Followill. Whereas the band’s summer London tour has been forced to postpone due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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