Listen To DEFIANT’s Awaited New Album “Kill Your Idols”

A long-awaited, Defiant’s debut new full-length album “Kill Your Idols” has finally arrived, the band has been working since 2016. Listen to Kill Your Idols in full below.

The 4-piece wanderer XVX hardcore rocker’s debut LP is one the toughest record to date, released by Bound By Modern Age Records based in Germany.

Earlier this month they premiered their first music video for the intro track “Kill Your Idols”. Behalf the first visual, the guitarist Saurav Tamrakar states, “We were exploring places around in North Karelia, close to Russian Border. And found this place called Kotakyla. This place looked like I went 200 years back. Masks, bamboo fences, Shaman verses. It looked pretty cool. Looked like a nomadic village back from history. So, I thought this place would be cool to do a Defiant music video,” he said.

The band expressed about Kill Your Idols, “Kill Your Idol’s is about forming your own opinions & views on things. Have critical thinking on whom we follow, see as our idols. As human-beings we regard some people as our idols and blindly follow them. Unconsciously learning different self-destructive traits along with others.”

They continue, “It’s an absolute necessity right from the wrong by ourselves, in our own opinion on the different subject matter. In The Absence of that, we sometimes find ourselves in a place where we never wanted to be in.”

Stream Defiant’s full-length album through Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp. If you dig what you here, pick up the album via Bound By Modern Age Records.

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