OPPORTUNIST Release New Single Entitled “Plandemic (Narrow Minded)”

Opportunist, a metal outfit formed in 2017 at Pandeglang, Banten – Indonesia, released the new second single “Plandemic (Narrow Minded)”. In early 2020, on March 15th, Opportunist released a debut single titled “Gutted”.

The band’s debut “Gutted” tells about some social events that make us angry and feel unsettled by circumstances. Now, the band unleashed the second single called “Plandemic (Narrow Minded)”, which you can watch below.

While releasing the second single, the band’s press release states: “Plandemic briefly tells about a conspiracy about hoaxes and what scientists and politicians do about public health systems and industry pharmacy on the pretext that we must comply with the Health Protocol provided by the WHO. Meanwhile, the Health Protocol was misused by the elite to fulfill their interests to revive the economy of its own stomach on an International scale.”

The band continued:” So this time we expressed our attitude against the government with the words MOSI DO NOT BELIEVE through our new single. We are trying to voice the various kinds of anxiety we got during this incident.”

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