PARADIGM SHIFT Release New Music Video For “Swatantra” Featuring Mitsushi Shahi

A progressive metal act Paradigm Shift has released a brand new music video for “Swatantra”, a track from their previously released debut album “Paradigm Shift I: Genesis” – you can watch the full video below.

The female-fronted band’s new music video is featured off Kings Among Men’s singer Mitsushi Shahi, where we can see a visual of performing them from home and their latest show Caveman 2021.

In addition, Paradigm Shift is the winner of the 16th ICMC, which was held in 2019. The band’s drummer Rishan Maharjan stated, “Swatantra’ is previously featured in the debut album, and has got a new and revised version of the song with the new band members.”

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