PARADIGM SHIFT Share Documentary On ‘The Making Of Swatantra’

Paradigm Shift have shared a short behind the scenes documentary, ‘The Making of Swatantra’. You can watch it below.

The nearly 13-minute clip centers around how they make their recent single, ‘Swatantra’, completely DIY during lockdown at home. Throughout the film, we see the guitarist ‘Biniv Shakya’ explaining a short breakdown and the story behind the song and the whole production process, and his experience on working on this single.

He continues, “So when we started Paradigm Shift, we always wanted to be totally DIY project, doing all work in the home, by ourselves. We’re not professional doing it, we’re just experimenting, we might have gotten better by the time, but still, we’re not professional and still, there’s a lot to learn.”

The band added, “The people should know how they work to create their music and the hard work and the people working behind on it.”

In addition, their documentary also features live shots of their earlier recent gig, CAVEMAN 2021, and they concluded that CAVEMAN 2.0 is arriving soon as well.

Watch the documentary below:

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