SHREE 3 New Album “Rust In Dust” Is Out Now

Trio acts Shree 3 has released their awaited new album, Rust In Dust. The band’s new album of original music in nearly 3 years, and features previously released singles “Existence in Uncertainty” and “Kings of Horns”.

Rust In Dust, an epic full-length new record was offered firstly via Spotify.  However, you can support the band by buying the album via noodle here.

The seven tracks full of heaviness, grooves, and overwhelming riffs are like a box of packages to ears, which marked the band’s second album after Drabhya Dharma. Moreover, another best thing you can hear in the new album is that guitarist and singer Sarad Shrestha’s insane singing in English is an alternative to Nepali.

Shree 3 new album “Rust In Dust” album tracklist:

  1. Riffland
  2. Demon’s Lullaby
  3. Kings of Horn
  4. Drift
  5. Existence in Uncertainty
  6. Pandaemonium
  7. Trigger Awake

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