Stoner Act SHREE 3 Shares A Lyric Video “Kings of Horns”

A stoner 3 pieces rockers Shree 3 have come out with the latest release, Kings of Horns, a five-and-a-half-minute lyric video. A newly released second single is a followed-up to previously released debut “Existence in Uncertainty”, from the upcoming new record. You can watch the latest lyric video below.

Their latest single “Kings of Horn” is the original music from the forthcoming record after the debut material in the last six months. Trio acts latest single kicks off with soft guitar solos, and it’s mixed up with a little bit of dramatic tune, then adjoining some sort of heavy drums, and groovy riff with the harsh bass sound with clean raw and dirty vocals.

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On the other hand trio’s heaviest songs’ visual artwork is so stunning which depicts off the battlefield with the deadliest warrior with full blood crushing the enemy.

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