VISCRAL Release The Brand New Music Video Titled “Impulses To Kill”

Viscral, death metal band across from Indonesia released the brand new music video ” IMPULSES TO KILL “. Five years after the release of the album ” Egocentric Underneath of Horror “. This time Viscral gave an answer to the wait and a long journey, the Death Metal band from Bekasi again gave a heavy blow to the listeners who had been waiting for the birth of a new album. The new single titled ” Impulses To Kill ” has been successfully released by Blackandje Records via the Youtube channel on Friday (12/06/2020).

Impulses To Kill is one of the songs from Viscral’s newest album material, this single depicts the psychological condition of a psychopath wrapped in imagination, impulsively describing the craving passion to kill more people.Impulses To Kill becomes the main gateway to the new album Viscral Entrance to Terrifying Imagery which will be released this year by the label Blackandje Records.

Viscral made sure to all listeners not to discourage attention here because the new album presentation would be something different from the previous album. Especially the new album material would be heavier, fresher and of course, would be a mood booster for metalhead music enthusiast Brutal Death Metal at Indonesia and abroad. Single Impulses To Kill can be heard on YouTube channel Blackandje Records and Bandcamp Blackandje Records.

After successfully bringing the name of Indonesia with a tour in 4 countries as Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and the Netherlands in 2019, Viscral is also preparing a new album tour in several Asian countries for 2021.

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