WHITECHAPEL Officially Welcomes ALEX RUDINGER As Their New Drummer

Deathcore veterans Whitechapel have officially announced Alex Rudinger as their new full-time drummer. The band unveiled the news of a new drummer just yesterday (Sep. 03) via their social media.

Alex filled the drums with Whitechapel since the 2019 album The Valley and to the forthcoming new record, Kin. Alex has been in with multiple bands for the last decades, such acts Conquering Dystopia, Good Tiger, Ordinance, etc.

“Over the past few years, our good friend Alex Rudinger has been filling in the drumming spot for live shows,” reads a statement from the Whitechapel. “And we figured what better time than now to welcome him as an official member after his stealer performance on our new album “Kin”. Give him a fellow and warm welcome!”

Meanwhile, Whitechapel has officially announced their eighth studio album Kin which will be out on October 29th through Metal Blade Records. Behalf of an announcement the band unveiled the debut music video for “The Lost” track.

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